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B.Sc. Computer Science

About the Department

The Department of Computer Science was established in the year 1999 with an intake of 48 seats as part of science stream. In the academic year 2017, Computer Science has become a separate Self-Financing program by the University of Mumbai with an intake of 48 seats.

The Department of Computer Science is well equipped with highly qualified teaching faculty to impart budding technocrats an insight into the world of computers, its applications, and latest developments in the industry, through professional engagements, which are in sync with business environment. B.Sc. in Computer Science is a three-year undergraduate degree course that deals with the principles and applications of the computer.

The program equips students with skills in designing and developing advanced software systems. Students can explore conceptual underpinnings of Computer Science – fundamental algorithms, data structures, programming languages, automation theory, computer organization, databases, operating systems and software engineering techniques. The program provides rich set of electives which culminate in the career path in the field of: Application Development, Multimedia and Animation and Machine Learning.

The program creates opportunities of hands-on learning through projects and gives knowledge and practical experience of the latest technologies.


  • To effectively communicate computing concepts and solutions to bridge the gap between computing industry experts and business leaders to create and initiate innovation
  • To effectively utilizing the knowledge of computing principles and mathematical theory to develop sustainable solutions to current and future computing problems
  • To develop and implement solution based systems and processes that address issues and improve existing systems within a computing based industry.
  • To create a learning environment for enhancing innovational ideas, problem solving skills, leadership qualities and team spirit

Core Strengths

  • Competent faculty with academic and research experience
  • Co-curricular activities for experimental learning
  • Well-equipped lab facilities with wifi availability
  • Well-equipped Computer lab with installed software’s prescribed by the University of Mumbai.

Teaching Skills

  • Students’ seminars and workshops
  • Case study based learning
  • Seminars and conferences inviting academicians and industry experts
  • Resonance – Inter Collegiate Technical Fest providing practical training and knowledge
  • Industrial visits

Short Term Courses

The department conducts Short term courses which have helped improvise knowledge of students and give them the opportunity to know more about their field of interest.
Some of the add on courses organized by the Department of Computer Science in association with the IDEMI (Institute for Design of Electrical Measuring Instruments) – A Govt of Indian Society are listed below –

Sr No. Name of the Course Duration Eligibility Benefits after Completing Course Reports
1 Online Business Setup & Online Marketing Live Course  Certificate Course UG/PG Students of any field

Digital Marketing Manager

Web Developer & Web Designer

Social Media Executive and Social Media Manager

SEO Executive/Expert

PPC/SEM Expert

Content Marketer and many more

2 Digital Marketing  Certificate Course UG/PG Students of any field

Digital Marketing Manager

Social Media Executive and Social Media Manager

SEO Executive/Expert

Content Marketer

3 Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking  Certificate Course UG/PG Students of any field

Ethical Hacker

Forensic Investigator

Penetration Tester

Intrusion Analyst

Technical person in the area of network security

4 Graphics Design  Certificate Course UG/PG Students of any field

Graphic Designer

Picture Editor

Brand Identity Designer

Flash Designers

Web Designer

Visual Image Developer

Logo Designers

5 Cyber Security Certificate Course UG/PG Students of any field

Ethical Hacker

Forensic Investigator

Penetration Tester

Intrusion Analyst

Technical Person in Network Security


Syllabus – B.Sc. CS

Sr. no. Name View
1 USCS101 – Digital Systems & Architecture View
2 USCS102 – Introduction to Programming with Python View
3 USCS103 – LINUX Operating System View
4 USCS104 – Open Source Technologies View
5 USCS105 – Discrete Mathematics View
6 USCS106 – Descriptive Statistics View
7 USCS107 – Soft Skills View
8 USCS201 – Design & Analysis of Algorithms View
9 USCS202 – Advanced Python Programming View
10 USCS203 – Introduction to OOPs using C++ View
11 USCS204 – Database Systems View
12 USCS205 – Calculus View
13 USCS206 – Statistical Methods View
14 USCS207 – E-Commerce & Digital Marketing View
15 USCSP01 – Practicals View
16 USCSP02 – Practicals View
Sr. no. Name View
1 USCS301 – Theory of Computation View
2 USCS302 – Core Java View
3 USCS303 – Operating System View
4 USCS304 – Database Management Systems View
5 USCS305 – Combinatorics and Graph Theory View
6 USCS306 – Physical Computing and IOT Programming View
7 USCS307 – Skill Enhancement : Web Programming View
8 USCS401 – Fundamentals of Algorithms View
9 USCS402 – Advanced JAVA View
10 USCS403 – Computer Networks View
11 USCS404 – Software Engineering View
12 USCS405 – Linear Algebra using Python View
13 USCS406 – .NET Technologies View
14 USCS407 – Skill Enhancement : Android Developer Fundamentals View
15 USCSP301 – Practicals View
16 USCSP302 – Practicals View
17 USCSP401 – Practicals View
18 USCSP402 – Practicals View
Sr. no. Name View
1 USCS501 – Artificial Intelligence View
2 USCS503 – Software Testing and Quality Assurance View
3 USCS504 – Information and Network Security View
4 USCS506 – Web Services View
5 USCS507 – Game Programming View
6 USCS602 – Cloud Computing View
7 USCS603 – Cyber Forensics View
8 USCS604 – Information Retrieval View
9 USCS606 -Data Science View
10 USCS607 – Ethical Hacking View
11 USCSP501 – Elective-1-Practicals View
12 USCSP502 – Elective-2 Practicals View
13 USCSP503 – Project View
14 USCSP504 – Game Programming Practicals View
15 USCSP601 – Elective-1 Practicals View
16 USCSP602 – Elective-2 Practicals View
17 USCSP603 – Project View
18 USCSP604 – Ethical Hacking Practicals View

Departmental Activities

Effective lecturers  have been used as a a tool create basic interest in specific subjects.The department of Computer Science has arranged various expert lectures and seminars to analyze and explain the concepts and solve issues for TYBSc CS students. Through augmenting the material that learners already have in their handouts, textbooks or on the internet, experts motivate students to develop an urge for expanding their  horizons of knowledge. One of the Seminars organized by the Department in collaboration with HD Media Link Ltd to guide students how to go about their projects in their Third Year.

An industrial visit is organized every year by the department which helps students to gain first-hand information regarding functioning of the Industries.  It provides an opportunity to plan, organize and engage in active learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom. It provides an insight into the real working environment of the Industry and helps them to visualize their future place in the working world. This also serves as a relation building process between the Institute and industry. It helps to enhance the interpersonal skills and communication skills of students. With an aim to go beyond academics, industrial visit provides student a practical perspective on the world of work.

The Department of Computer Science had organized Inter-Collegiate PUBG Mobile tournament from 17 to 20 June,  2020. (12:30 p.m. to 08:30 p.m.) This Online tournament was conducted in-Game (PUBG Mobile) – a convenient way to conduct tournaments online.  There was an overwhelming response from all the participants. 256 students participated from various colleges and States.

Resonance is an intercollegiate technical fest organized every year to explore the hidden talents of students. It has varied programs like IT Quiz, Presentation, Robosumowar etc. Various Colleges from all over Mumbai participate in the event. The students exhibit various models on Technology. Cash prizes and trophy are distributed to the Prize Winners.



Ms. Suchita Revankar
BSC CS Co-ordinator

M.Sc. (Electronics), M.Phil. (I.T.), Diploma in Cyber Law

Ms. Muskaan Kursija
Assistant Professor

M.Sc. (I.T.)

Ms.Shraddha Kshirsagar
Assistant Professor
MSc. Comp.Sci. and MCA
Ms. Ruhi Ghogle
Asst. Professor

Annual Reports

Sr. No. Academic Year Annual Report
1 2020-21 View
2 2019-20 View
3 2018-19 View
4 2017-18 View
5 2016-17 View



Short Term Course on Digital Marketing in Collaboration with IDEMI

Short Term Course on Cyber Security in Collaboration with IDEMI

Short Term Course on “Data Science Beginners level1”

Short term Course on Graphical Designing in Collaboration with IDEMI

Faculty Development Program On Digital Marketing In Collaboration With SUPRAMIND

Students of the I.T. Department visited the Company ‘Shree Ram Colloids Pvt. Ltd.’ (Jodhpur) from 9th to 14th December, 2019

Students of T.Y.C.S. and teachers visited TRACKING GENIE, Jaipur from Jan 4, 2020 to Jan 8, 2020 where students were also introduced to Software’s like SQL, JAVA, PYTHON and were shown with real-time functioning of hardware devices like IMEI tool, Sim Card, GPS Tracking, Live Satellite Monitoring and got complete guidance on developing real time project life cycle, which is a part of their Curriculum.

Webinar on Goal Setting and Mind Management

The resource person Mr.Asif Rampurawala Vice Principal and Assistant Professor from Department of Information Technology, VSIT, Mumbai , Principal Dr. Usha Iyer, staff members of Computer Science Dept and others during the Webinar on “Cloud Computing :Platforms,Development and Applications”

Webinar on Skills Required in Youth

Webinar on “Revolution in Computing Trends” Organized department of computer Science along with IBM and Novactech

Seminar on Project Implementation

Technical Activities during Resonance 2018 organized on 5th February,2018

The Events covered in the Resonance 2019 was covered in the News paper

Technical Events conducted during Resonance 2019  on 7th February,2019

Computer Science students won the prize in inter collegiate competition

Computer Science students won the prize in inter collegiate competition

Pawan Kumar Mahadik won the prize in chess tournament

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