NAAC Re-Accredited A Grade with 3.15 CGPA
College Code 311 | AISHE CODE.C-34030 | Wadala, Mumbai 400031 | www.siwscollege.edu.in | ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified

Computer Laboratory

About the laboratories

The college is endowed with six computer laboratories and an electronics laboratory to cater to the course practically.

  • The Computer Laboratories are well-equipped with hardware and software attaining to fulfil the courses requirement and deliver the course practically
  • The Computers are suited up with Intel Core i5, 64 bit based processor, RAM of 8 Gigabyte, some with Hard disk drive of 512 Gigabyte and 1 Terabyte, equipped with the latest Storage Solid State Drive of 256 Gigabyte and the required input and output devices
  • The Computers are also connected in a network following peer-to-peer architecture, having an internet speed of 100 MbPS with supporting D-Link wireless routers and switches with 16 ports with the required maximum speed
  • The Computer Laboratories are provided with Printers and Uninterrupted Power Supply having backup facility of three hours
  • The institute is assertive about the open source technology, so few computer laboratories are supported by the Linux Operating System with the latest version of Ubuntu and to make aware the students with other platforms too; some laboratories are availed with Windows 10 operating system and the necessary Application Software as per the curricula of the University of Mumbai
  • The course of Information Technology and Computer Science is integrated with hardware and software; the Electronics lab too plays a crucial role
  • The Electronics Laboratory is instrumental in making the students learn, understand and explore ranging from –
    • 2 bit Boolean values gates (designing circuit and simulating the gates using breadboards, integrated circuits, resistors, wires and LEDs)
    • 8 bit microprocessor to comprehend the assembly language
    • 16 bit microcontrollers to familiarize with Embedded Systems
    • 32 bit Raspberry Pi to study and evolve with the Internet of Things
  • The Computer Laboratories are well maintained and managed by the Staffs of the Information Technology, Computer Science and Electronics departments
  • Students are given access to computers with internet facility to execute projects, case-studies and practical between 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
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