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Bachelor of Management Studies

About Department

The graduate program on Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) started in our college in the year 2000 with a view to provide analytical and logic-oriented management education to students.

The department of Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) aims at providing students with business management and administration education to make them competent in the corporate world. The department under the able leadership and ambitious faculty work throughout the year providing the students with knowledge and practical experience through industrial exposure, practical training, job orientation, job training, projects and presentation and placement.

Department provides specialization in Marketing and Finance which renders them to achieve specialized knowledge in particular field of management.


  • The main objective of the department is to ensure academic integrity and to emphasize team work and development of synergy among the students and faculties
  • To foster a supportive and stimulating learning environment for undergraduate business students
  • To provide knowledge about business management and administration which renders students more successful and employable
  • To encourage continuous improvement and progression for student’s growth
  • To contribute to the enhancement and advancement of knowledge and practice of management in the industry and in the overall economy
  • To co-operate and collaborate with different industries to provide students with industrial experience through placements
  • To work towards student’s development through participation in various seminars, workshops and conferences and also to equip the students with the soft skills required to learn and grow in today’s corporate scenario
  • To help students apply the concept of statistics and research methodology in management

Pedagogical Skills


Conduct seminars, conferences and workshops by inviting experts from the corporate sector and academic institutes.

Case study-based learning:

Students are provided with case studies to understand the problem faced by the companies and to find alternate solution.

Practical Exposures through industrial visits:

Industrial visits are conducted at national level to give students first-hand experience with the industry.

Computer Assisted Learning:

Creation of a virtual classroom for students enrolled for the course.

Cooperative learning:

The students are assigned with team activities like presentations, group discussions, brainstorming session, management games etc. which allows them to experience group dynamics.

Provision for Electives:

Students have the liberty to make a conscious decision regarding their pursuit of management specialization from Human Resource, Marketing and Finance from the second year.

SWOC Analysis

  • Strengths
  • Wide scope and better job opportunities as students enter into M.B.A. Program.
  • Extra-curricular activities help students to develop their overall personality.
  • Exposure in multidisciplinary skills like Finance, Marketing, HR, Media, Research, etc.


  • Weakness
  • Working students find it difficult to cope with the vast syllabus.
  • Affordability issues for aspiring students with limited resources.


  • Opportunities
  • Students can opt for MBA / MMS, M. Com (Business Management) and other professional courses after B.M.S.
  • Various industries and banks approach for Campus placements of TYBMS students.
  • Scope for Tie-ups with corporate sector for internships.


  • Challenges
  • New colleges are coming up with B.M.S. course.
  • Various online courses offering similar curriculum at a competitive price.
  • Imparting experiential learning to all the students.


Ms. Manisha Gupta
Assistant Professor

M.Com (Management),B.Ed; NET (Commerce)

Annual Reports

Sr. No. Academic Year Annual Report
1 2020-21 View
2 2019-20 View
3 2018-19 View
4 2017-18 View
5 2016-17 View



Ms. Sraddha Mansata interacts with students regarding operations in hotel industry on 18th July 2019

Ms. Kanthi Verma interacts with the students on management and career choices on 18th July 2019

Workshop on Revised T.Y.B.M.S. Syllabus on Finance elective by Dr. Kinnary Thakkar from the University of Mumbai on 21st July 2018

SEMINAR BY IEIBS AKADEMIA Prof. Ayyapan Iyer felicitating Mr. Nilesh Sarawate, CEO of AKADEMIA in the Presence of Principal Dr. Usha Iyer and Dr. K J Dawani on 13th January, 2020.

SEMINAR BY IEIBS AKADEMIA Prof. Ayyapan Iyer felicitating Mr. Nilesh Sarawate, CEO of AKADEMIA in the Presence of Principal Dr. Usha Iyer and Dr. K J Dawani on 13th January, 2020.

SEMINAR BY IEIBS AKADEMIA Prof. Ayyapan Iyer felicitating Mr. Nilesh Sarawate, CEO of AKADEMIA in the Presence of Principal Dr. Usha Iyer and Dr. K J Dawani on 13th January, 2020.

SEMINAR BY INSTITUTE OF CATERING TECHONOLOGY AND EVENT MANAGMENT Faculty of ICTEM conducting the seminar for SYBMS Students on 25th January 2019

SEMINAR BY IGNITING MINDS ACADEMY PowerPoint presentation by the IMA faculty to BMS students on 10th January 2019

SEMINAR BY T.I.M.E INSTITUTE Faculty of TIME institute conducting a session for the third and second year students of BMS Department on 10th October 2018


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