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NEP 2020: Nurturing Human Values – The Way Forward

ICSSR Sponsored International Seminar - NEP 2020 : The Way Forward - 12 August 2023 Day 2

ICSSR Sponsored International Seminar - NEP 2020 : The Way Forward

The seminar titled ‘NEP 2020: Nurturing Human Values – The Way Forward’, contemplates at having a nuanced and fruitful discussion of human values which is set within the NEP 2020 (National Education Policy 2020) framework. The National Education Policy 2020 envisages holistic development by adopting a multidisciplinary approach.

The policy perceives education as a tool to build character and shape learners into becoming ethical, rational, compassionate and caring beings, while at the same time preparing them to be employable in a gainful and fulfilling manner. The subthemes of the seminar largely aim at prodding individuals to think of integrating values in every arena of life, ranging from philosophy, literature, environment, technology, business ethics and educational policy making.

The Seminar aims at familiarizing the participants withthe National Education Policy 2020 and its implications. Itendeavors at focusing on multidisciplinary approach of the policy and its intrinsic connection with human values.To achieve the objective described above, the followingsub themes are delineated for discussion:
➢ NEP 2020 and Value-based Curriculum
➢ NEP 2020: Holistic Development and Student Transformation
➢ NEP 2020 and Multidisciplinary Education
➢ NEP 2020 and Environmental Humanism
➢ NEP 2020 and Educational Liberty
➢ NEP 2020: Equity and Inclusion in Higher Education
➢ NEP 2020: Ensuring Equitable Use of Technology
➢ NEP 2020 and Professional Ethics
➢ NEP 2020 and Promotion of Indian Languages, Arts and Culture
➢ NEP 2020: Ethical Governance and Leadership
The seminar would benefit students, teachers, IQAC members, researchers, policymakers, society and industry.

Registration is mandatory for Paper presentation and publication.
Registration fees should be in the form of DD/ NEFT / RTGS/ Online Transfer in favour of


Account No: 76020100005848


Important Dates:

  • Date of Seminar: 11th & 12th August, 2023
  • Last Date of Registration: 31st July, 2023

Last Date for Poster/Full Paper Submission: 31st July, 2023

Submission Guidelines:
Researchers, academicians, and professionals from different fields are invited to contribute and make paper presentation on the seminar themes and are requested to submit their Abstract and Full Paper along with duly filled registration form.

The abstract must state the Objectives, Research methodology, Analysis & Implications of research.

Full Paper:
The paper should not be plagiarized, and should be free from grammatical, spelling, or any other errors.
Full paper within 2500 words, typed in MS Word should be uploaded in the Google form (Mentioned in the Important Links)
The full paper should include the following:
➢ Abstract (max 250 words)
➢ 4-5 key words
➢ Introduction
➢ Literature Review
➢ Methodology
➢ Data Analysis if any
➢ Discussion and implications
➢ Conclusion
➢ References
➢ The paper should clearly mention the Title, Name, and Association of the author(s), Sub theme of the conference for which it is being submitted, and contact details of the Corresponding author on its cover page.

The manuscript should be formatted as follows:

Title Font Times New Roman 14 point and bold

Other text Font Times New Roman 12 point
Spacing 1.5 lines
Margin 2.5 cm
Headings Bold
References APA Format

Publication Details:
Selected papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings Book with ISBN

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