Department of Physics

About Department of Physics

Physics department was started in the year 1990 with the following objectives-

  1. To impart high quality teaching in Physics
  2. To provide laboratory facilities for experiments
  3. To improve rational & logical thinking in general
  4. To develop scientific outlook in day-to-day activities

The first batch of TYBSc (Physics) students passed out in the academic year 1992-93. We had 09 students in our first TYBSc batch and it was indeed a great achievement that all 09 students passed the exam. with 07 students securing first class and 02 second class. As the years passed away, the no. of students opting for TYBSc (Physics) increased and in the academic year 2015-16, we had maximum enrolment of 33 students for TYBSc (Physics).In the present academic year (2016-17),we again have 09 students. So we are back to square one. Over the years, the quality of students opting for TYBSc (Physics) has deteriorated and this has been reflected by the falling percentage of results in spite of our sincere and dedicated efforts in teaching- learning process.

Faculty Members

Dr. Surendra Pandey

Head of Department
Associate professor

M. Sc., M.Phil, Ph. D.

Prof. Marianna Danny

Associate Professor

M. Sc., M.Phil

Prof. Anagha Bapat

Assistant Professor

M. Sc.

Prof. Sandeep Sudhakar Vansutre

Associate Professor

M. Sc

Courses Offered

Semester Course Name Code
1 Mechanics, Properties ofMatter, Heat, Sound & Optics USPH101
1 Electricity, Magnetism,Electronics, Atomic, Nuclear and Modern Physics USPH102
2 Mechanics, Properties ofMatter, Heat, Sound & Optics USPH201
2 Electricity, Magnetism,Electronics, Atomic,Nuclear and Modern Physics USPH202
3 Theory of errors and Mechanics USPH301
3 Electricity and magnetism USPH302
3 Thermodynamics andMaterial Science USPH303
3 Practicals USPHP-3
4 Optics USPH401
4 Electronics USPH402
4 Introduction to Theory ofRelativity and Wave Mechanics USPH403
4 Practicals USPHP4
5 Mathematical, Thermaland Statistical Physics USPH501
5 Solid State Physics USPH502
5 Atomic and Molecular Physics USPH503
5 Electrodynamics USPH504
5 Analog Circuits and Instruments Physics Practicals USPHP05Based on USPH501 and USPH502 of Semester VUSPHP06 Based on USPH503 and USPH504 of Semester V USACEI501
5 Applied component Practicals USACEI5P1
6 Classical Mechanics USPH601
6 Electronics USPH602
6 Nuclear Physics USPH603
6 Special Theory of Relativity andIntroduction to Cosmology USPH 604
6 Digital Electronics, Microprocessorand its applications, Programming in C Physics practicals USPHP07 Basedon USPH601 and USPH602 ofSemester VI USPHP08 Based on USPH603 and USPH604 of Semester VI USACEI601
6 Applied component practicals USACEIP6P1