Department of Mathematics

About Department of Mathematics

The objectives of the Mathematics department is to inspire the students to:

  1. Develop abstract, logical, critical thinking and positive attitude towards learning Mathematics
  2. Enjoy mathematics and develop problem solving skills.
  3. Comprehend, analyze, synthesize, evaluate and make generalizations so as to solve mathematical problems.
  4. Communicate Mathematical ideas.

Mathematics department comprising of four fulltime professors, all of them are well qualified as per the U.G.C. guide lines.  The department members actively participate in research activities and organize various workshops, seminars and invited talks in different areas of Mathematics

Faculty Members

Prof. Mukesh Naiksatam

Associate Professor

M.Sc. (Mathematics)

Dr. Gollakota V.V. Hemasundar

Associate Professor

M.Sc., Ph. D., NET (Maths), SET

Dr. Rama Vijaykumar

Assistant Professor

M.Sc., Ph. D., GNIIT

Dr. Sampada Shrivastava

Assistant Professor

M.Sc., Ph. D., NET

Courses Offered

Semester Course Name Code
1 FYBcom Math Sem I UBCOMFSI.6
2 FYBcom Math Sem II UBCOMFSII.6