Department of Business Communication

About Department of Business Communication

Business Communication is a compulsory paper offered at the First Year Bachelor of Commerce. Given the limited time period of one academic year, the Department of Business Communication has to make the best to lay the foundation of communication. The Department through tutorials and lectures strives best to expose students to the communication requirements of the commercial world which also include training in soft skills.

The objectives of the department are as follows:

  1. Develop awareness of the complexity of the communication process
  2. Develop effective oral and written skills to enable students to meet pressures of job market
  3. Inculcate soft skills to instill confidence for inter personal interactions and group communication
  4. Good presentation skills using audio- visual aids
  5. Making education value-based to create good citizens

Faculty Members

Prof. Kirti Yogesh Nakhare

Assistant Professor

M. A., B. Ed., SET - English

Prof. Arushi Sharma

Assistant Professor

MA , MPhil , SET

Courses Offered

Semester Course Name Code
1 Business-Communication Sem I UBCOMFSI.4
2 Business-Communication Sem II UBCOMFSII.4