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About SIWS College

South Indians’ Welfare Society (SIWS) has grown from a single school to an institution of repute with courses in primary school, secondary school, junior college and degree college. SIWS has an objective of readying the student to enter the corporate world with knowledge, confidence and a can-do attitude.

All the sections of SIWS are oriented towards achieving the society’s objectives. SIWS boasts an eminent faculty who are selected based on rigorous standards. The faculty are strongly encouraged and enabled to develop oneself continuously as it is the key means by which to impact students. The faculty of the institute also have a strong orientation towards research and regularly publish and present papers at reputed journals.

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All trustees are highly qualified and prominent titans in industry who are keen to give back / contribute to the institution. As part of the management effort, separate trustees are earmarked for each institution and activity.

SIWS has a tradition of honouring senior teachers; following the principle of “Acahrya Devo Bhava”

SIWS has a strong alumni base of individuals who are accomplished in their professions and well regarded in industry. The alumni are continuously engaged with SIWS and are keen to give back / contribute to the institution. SIWS has been tapping its strong network to provide maximum exposure and benefit to its students.


To be an educational institution of brilliance that continually strives to respond to realities and social changes through knowledge empowerment


In pursuance of its vision, SIWS is dedicated to produce socially responsible and intellectually capable citizens of india




To achieve Academic Excellence
To inculcate Moral Values
To promote Multicultural Harmony
To induce Social Responsibility