Student's Council

About the Student's Council

As per Maharashtra Universities Act, 1994 the students' Council for each institution, conducted college or affiliated college should be constituted as mentioned in sub-section (4) b to look after the welfare of the students and to promote and co-ordinate the extracurricular activities of different associations.

Students' council provides a representative structure. It is important that they be given the opportunity to express their views on issues of concern to them in the college.

The student members of the student council shall elect from amongst themselves, the general secretary of their council and his or her name will be sent to the Students Council of the University.

All the members of the Council shall help the Principal in the maintenance of the order and discipline among the students at the time of college functions and they shall not use their position to be irregular in attending lectures, practical.

 The classroom representative holds an important position in the structure of the Student Council. Students and the teacher elect each classroom representative from one class. He/she represents the interests of the class in Student Council’s decision-making.