National Cadet Corps

About the National Cadet Corps

1. Objectives :

To develop the following qualities among Cadets:

  1. Character
  2. Courage
  3. Leadership
  4. Discipline
  5. Adventure Spirit
  6. Sportsnamship
  7. Selfless Service

2. Option for Students:

Students have a choice to select any one of the following units-

  1. Army Unit
  2. Air Force Unit
  3. Navy Unit

3. Activities & Opportunity:

  1. Regular Parades are held on every Sunday mornings at Khalsa college ground
  2. Lectures and Demonstrations help cadets in appearing for B & C certification Examination
  3. Annual Training Camps - Camp normally involves 10 days training period. It provides exposure to cadets on wide areas like rifle, drill, physical training & First aid.
  4. Opportunity available to cadets for selection in
    1. Republic Day Parade
    2. Thal Sainik Camp
    3. National Integration Camp
    4. Army Attachment Camp
    5. All India Girls Trekking Expedition

4. Activities in the college:

  1. Annual Selection of Best Cadets
  2. Help College authorities during programmes in
    1. Providing the Guard of Honour for the Guests
    2. Maintaining Discipline

5. Alumni

Students have been selected in

  1. Police Force
  2. Security Force at Five Star Hotels

6. Future Plan

To establish a full-fledged NCC Unit at the college

Faculty Members