Department of M.Sc.(IT)

About Department of M.Sc.(IT)

The Department of Information technology upgraded to Post Graduate programme M.Sc (IT), started in the year 2004 with an intake of 20 seats. The MSc. (Information Technology) is a two year Degree course which is divided into four semesters, following the current pattern of examination as 60:40. The programme is provided with well equipped laboratory. The department strives for excellence in creating, applying, and imparting knowledge in the educational environment where students can reach their full potential.

Faculty Members

Prof. Mona Marwaha


Assistant Professor

M.Sc. (Software), Diploma in Cyber Law

Prof. R. Santha Maria Rani

Assistant professor

M.Sc.(I.T.), M.E.(Computer Science)

Prof. Suchita U. Revankar

Assistant Professor

M.Sc. (Electronics), M.Phil. (I.T.), Diploma in Cyber Law

Prof. B. Virgin Fernando

Assistant Professor

M.Sc. (I.T.)

Prof. R. Arogya Selvi

Assistant Professor

M.Sc. (I.T.), B. Ed (Science & Mathematics)

Prof. Nikhil Mamaniya

Assistant Professor

M.Sc. (I.T.), LLB (MHRDM)

Prof.Gayathri Venkatachalam

Assistant Professor

M. Sc. (Computer Science)

Courses Offered

Semester Course Name Code
1 Data Mining PSIT101/PSIT1P1
1 Distributed Systems PSIT102/PSIT1P2
1 Data Analysis Tools PSIT103/PSIT1P3
1 Software Testing PSIT104/PSIT1P4
2 Mobile Computing PSIT201/PSIT2P1
2 Advanced Computer Networks PSIT202/PSIT2P2
2 Cloud Computing and Ubiquitous System PSIT203/PSIT2P3
2 Advanced Database Systems PSIT204/PSIT2P4
3 Embedded System PSIT301/PSIT3P1
3 Information Security Management PSIT302/PSIT3P2
3 Virtualization PSIT303a/PSIT3P3a
3 Artificial Neural Network PSIT303b/PSIT3P3b
3 Digital Image Processing PSIT304a/PSIT3P4a
3 Ethical Hacking PSIT304b/PSIT3P4b
4 Artificial Intelligence PSIT401
4 IT Infrastructure Management PSIT402
4 Intelligent Systems PSIT403a/PSIT4P3a
4 Real Time Embedded Systems PSIT403b/PSIT4P3b
4 Computer Forensics PSIT403c/PSIT4P3c
4 Design Of Embedded Control Systems PSIT404a/PSIT4P4a
4 Advance Image Processing PSIT404b/PSIT4P4b