Department of Microbiology

About Department of Microbiology

Faculty Members

Prof. Neeta R. khanolkar

Vice Principal and HOD

M. Sc, NET

Prof. Rekha Bhatia

Associate Professor

M. Sc, CIG

Prof. Sabina Thareja

Associate Professor

M.Sc., M.S.

Prof. Ajitha Nair

Associate Professor

M. Sc, NET

Prof. Deepali Khedekar

Assistant Professor


Prof. Hitesh Gurav

Assistant Professor


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Courses Offered

Semester Course Name Code
1 Fundamentals of Microbiology USMB101/USMBP101
1 Applied Microbiology USMB102/USMBP102
2 Fundamentals of Microbiology USMB201/USMBP201
2 Applied Microbiology USMB202/USMBP202
3 Concepts in Immunology 2 USMB- 301/USMBP- 301
3 Microbial Biochemistry USMB - 302/USMBP- 302
3 Applied Microbiology USMB- 303/USMBP- 303
4 Concepts in Genetics 2 USMB -401/USMBP -401
4 Microbial Biochemistry 2 USMB -402/USMBP -402
4 Applied Microbiology 2 USMB 403/USMBP 403
5 Microbial Genetics USMB501/USMB501
5 Medical Microbiology&Immunology-part USMB502/USMB502
5 Microbial Biochemistry- part I USMB503/USMB503
5 Bioprocess technology-part I USMB504/USMB504
5 Food production andprocessing - General Principles USACFP501/USACFP501P1
5 Medical Microbiology &Immunology-part I USMB502/USMB502
6 rDNA technology, Bioinformatics& Virology USMB601/USMBP07
6 Medical Microbiology &Immunology-part II USMB602/USMBP07
6 Microbial biochemistry-part II USMB603/USMBP08
6 Bioprocess technologypart II USMB 604/USMBP08
6 Food Production andProcessing - Applications and Q.A USACFP601/USACFP6P1