About the Gymkhana

The gymkhana of the S.I.W.S college is situated on the ground floor. Gymkhana is derived from the Hindi-Urdu word for “Racket Court,” and is an Indian term which originally referred to a place where sporting events take place.

The gymkhana houses many indoor games which propel the students to excel not only in academics but also in their respective passions.

The S.I.W.S gymkhana can boast of several indoor games such Carom, Chess, Table Tennis. The gymkhana is well maintained by the clerical staff of the college to ensure that the students make optimum use of the facilities provided by the college. The gymkhana is attached with an office, where students who are passionate about outdoor games can enroll themselves for it.

The gymkhana is also used by the students for practicing dance to prepare themselves for participating different competitions in various events. The gymkhana is a very important part of the college which blends itself very well in an academic atmosphere and also gives a chance for the students to follow their specific interests.