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Media has perhaps played the most powerful role in history, politics, economics & society. It is not limited being a tool of communication anymore. In our present day world, media- broadcast and print media in particular, are considered mainly to be entities that reflect the face of the society as it exists today. Since it has a vital role to play it’s our fundamental responsibility as academicians to equip students with its various forms like print, radio, television, cinema, internet etc. It is with the same understanding that university of Mumbai introduced Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM) in 2000- 2001.

Bachelor of Mass Media is a media based course, and at present is a sought after media program within the undergraduate student community. It provides the students with a perfect platform to showcase their projects, presentations and performances and simultaneously develop their talents, excelling themselves in their chosen arena of media outlets viz. Advertising or Journalism.

SIWS College introduced BMM in the academic year 2016-2017, and the students have made inroads by participating in various inter–collegiate events, highlighting their keen desire to create a presence amongst the decade old mass media under graduate fraternity.

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